Summary: Religion has been an inspiration for artists since the beginning of human existence. “Gott hat kein Museum” (“God has no Museum”), edited by Austrian theologian and arts historian Johannes Rauchberger, contains dozens of artists’ images collected in three volumes. Images include Jesus portrayed as illuminated advertising for franchise products; as a modern emigrant experiencing hardship, distress and easement and as a child in a contemporary image with Mary. The displays are full of irony, blasphemy and sarcasm but make people (re)think of their own view of God.

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Author: Martin Behr (Salzburger Nachrichten)

Original Title: Gott hat jetzt ein Museum. Ein Buch über Religion und zeitgenössische Kunst zeigt, warum Gott kein Bankomat ist.

Translation of Title: God now owns a Museum. A book about Religion and contemporary art shows why God is no ATM.

Language of Article: German

Publishing date: 2015, April 4