Summary: A (Christian) refugee from Syria, soon to be a father of four, left his paid job in an Austrian hotel and moved to Vienna to claim more money from the welfare state. Previously, he was hosted for free in the staff house of a well-known gourmet and politician who first employed him in a ski hut and later as housekeeper. The author, Manfred Perterer, editor of the Salzburger Nachrichten, posits: “Integration of the needy is supported through exercising our values”. This demonstrates that achievement and engagement are worthwhile. This case shows that, on the contrary, Austria has lost its balance.

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Author: Manfred Perterer, Salzburger Nachrichten

Original Title: 36.000 Euro Sozialhilfe pro Jahr statt Arbeit.

Language of Article: German

Publishing date: 2016, February 23