Summary: „In the second half of 2015, New Eastern Europe extensively covered issues connected with migration and cultural diversity both in the printed edition as well as online. Our authors examined events taking place in Europe in 2015 from different angles in order to provide readers with a larger picture of the migration situation. Although it was certainly one of the most important events in recent history of Europe, New Eastern Europe’s coverage was not limited to the waves of migration fleeing the war in the Middle East. There are other migration processes taking place in Eastern Europe which deserves attention as well, including the internally displaced people in Ukraine as a result of the unrest and instability in the east of the country or the fact the Russia is experiencing one of the largest waves of emigration in recent history.” © New Eastern Europe

This link provides a series of essays and analyses on the migration and refugee crisis by the magazine New Eastern Europe.

Author: New Eastern Europe

Language of Article: English

Publishing date: 2015, November/December