Summary: The consequences of Germany´s technological change is dramatic: more than half of all jobs could be done by machines. This is the finding of the ING-Diba-study, which was based on Carl Frey and Michael Osborne´s study, executed for the American employment market in 2013. This development is a social time-bomb. 47% of the USA jobs are at risk and as much as 59% are endangered in Germany. The authors believe that the difference is caused by the higher industrial focus in Germany. Particularly at risk are the jobs of administrators and officials, also non-skilled workers (auxiliary forces), mechanics, car drivers, machine operators and shop assistants. Medical doctors have the most secure jobs.

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Author: Tobias Kaiser,

Original Title: Maschinen könnten 18 Millionen Arbeitnehmer verdrängen

Language of Article: German

Publishing date: 2015, May 2