Summary: The Veritas Forum hosted a discussion on Technology, Hope, and the End of Death (Silicon Valley, June 2015) with Peter Thiel and N. T. Wright. Thiel is a billionaire technologist-philosopher and co-founder of Paypal who invests millions in science to eliminate death, which, he asserts,might not have to be a ‘given’ at all. Wright is an Anglican priest, theologian and currently teaches at St. Andrews University in Scotland. He argues “that it may be possible to prolong human life to some extent”, but death will not be defeated by science, simply because God doesn’t allow it. Also a longer life will not deal with our wrong emotions and moral issues. Technology is amoral. Most people fear thinking about their own mortality and live either in “Here and Now camps” or “Hereafter camps”. However, neither Thiel nor Wright “would agree with either of these views.” The Bible “describes Heaven coming down to Earth”. Questions arise “about the nature of reality and life itself. Is there a difference between the mind and the soul? Or between the brain and whatever the mind/soul is? Can we reduce human consciousness to biological and mathematical algorithms that we can manipulate and recreate through code? Or is this line of thinking the ultimate example of hubris?”

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Author: Max Anderson,

Language of Article: English

Publishing date: 2015, June 24