Summary: Their names are Mario, Connie and ChihiraKanae. Robots can give simple advice, but little more at this point. However, in the future they will replace about 90 per cent of less qualified personnel. Mario is a 57 centimeter tall robot, who welcomes and helps at the Reception Desk of the Ghent Marriott Hotel in Berlin. He distributes key cards or supports conferences by reading instruction sheets, dances or sings. His software-father Goffin sells him for only 15.000 Euro. A Travelzoo-survey found that about half of all French and British people find robots frightening, whereas Chinese were more accepting. 76% of the Chinese want robots to look more like humans, whereas 64% of Japanese prefer the more machine-like appearance. Scientists are working on facial expressions.

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Author: Fred Fettner, Salzburger Nachrichten

Original Title: Verlässlich und immer freundlich

Language of Article: German

Publishing date: 2016, April 9