Summary: Computer scientists of the North Carolina State University ( have developed a system, which could soon replace teachers and professors in classrooms. Via “Affective Computing“ emotions (non-audible) can be recognised, processed and expressed. This new method uses sensors and facial recognition to capture the emotional status of students and adapts the teaching according to it. Futurist Ray Kurzweil believes that technology will produce machines with emotions by the year 2029. NCSU-Scientist Grafsgaard concluded that a computer fulfilling all three elements of affect-relating loops, cannot be called “sensitive” yet. There is no technology that allows a machine to recognise “itself” or become self-aware.

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Author: pte/ms, Wochenblatt

Original Title: Ersetzt bald eine künstliche Intelligenz die Lehrer?

Language of Article: German

Publishing date: 2015, March 22