Cardiac Pacemaker Needs Protection

Summary: Scientists of the Institute for Information Management (Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria) are developing a protection shield to prevent hacking of cardiac pacemakers. The more these tiny implanted computers are able to communicate with other devices, the more vulnerable they are to [...]

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Reliable and Always Friendly

Summary: Their names are Mario, Connie and ChihiraKanae. Robots can give simple advice, but little more at this point. However, in the future they will replace about 90 per cent of less qualified personnel. Mario is a 57 centimeter tall robot, who welcomes and helps at the Reception Desk of the Ghent [...]

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When Bot Sends Flowers and Fights

Summary: Facebook, Microsoft and co want us to talk to intelligent programs (chatbots) instead of real humans, when it comes to specific tasks like ordering flowers or asking for the weather forecast. Chatbots, which are used as conversation platforms like Facebook´s Messenger, throw up new problems [...]

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Molenbeek in Austria?

Summary: Uprooted people encounter a growing band of extremists in Vienna. How can we counter radicalism? Every other (approved) refugee moves to Vienna, the capital city of Austria, and what then? Many young men are without direction, opportunities or future. We need to change our refugee policy and [...]

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The alive rips fences

Summary: Easter is not for statistics nor the intellect. It is the annually retold story that no man is eternally lost. Our era is characterised by numbers, limits and limitations (upper limits and fences for refugees, for instance), a very mechanical worldview. What about life and compassion, grace and [...]

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“Agency German“ meets human fate

Summary: Definitions cause further problems: Refugee? Migrant? Immigrant? The (especially German) language needs to be used more carefully when considering the intended meaning of journalistic expressions like “Asyl-Lawine” (“Asylum-avalanche”) or “Flüchtlingswelle” (“Wave of refugees”), which aims to [...]

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Fleeing man become political weapons

Summary: It is cynical but true: people in power say they want to help refugees, but they manipulate displaced persons for their own benefit. Their involvement requires financial and political trade-offs. This means pressure and even potential for blackmail. Those managing the “exodus” have all the [...]

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How to manage the migrant crisis

Summary: “The flow of refugees would have been manageable if European Union countries had worked together, as Angela Merkel, Germany´s Chancellor, has always wished.“ Unless Europe soon restores order, political pressure will start a wave of border closures. Already, diverse forces of right-wing [...]

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The Arts

Atop the Cross glows a light

Summary: Along with the decent and humane in our culture, one can always find immodest, inhumane people. Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor and Founder of Logotherapy, saw this truth running through all nations, religions and parties. Many immoral people are in power, influencing the world with their [...]

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God now owns a Museum

Summary: Religion has been an inspiration for artists since the beginning of human existence. “Gott hat kein Museum” (“God has no Museum”), edited by Austrian theologian and arts historian Johannes Rauchberger, contains dozens of artists’ images collected in three volumes. Images include Jesus portrayed [...]

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